Container transportation

Thanks to convenient design, containers won widespread popularity among shipping companies all over the world. They have standard sizes, can accommodate large volume of goods, firmly closed and sealed, ensuring the safety of the contents.

During transportation, the containers are transferred from the ship to the train platform or vehicle body. It is especially important in the multimodal transportation when the goods are delivered to the destination by several types of transport.









The “Tessa» company offers to enterprises and individuals following services:

  • Acceptance and handling of containers in the port of Vladivostok;
  • Container storage at our own warehouses or sites located in the port area;
  • Services of consignment storage – accepting, warehousing , cross-docking, packaging, and other storage services;
  • Assistance in preparing customs documents;
  • Delivery goods in containers from the top Chinese manufacturers located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenchzhen, Dalian, Ningbo and other;
  • Export and import of 20-and 40-foot containers;
  • Assistance in insuring transporting containers.


We arrange delivery of containerized goods by rail, sea and road from Vladivostok throughout Russia and abroad. We guarantee safety of cargoes, provide forwarding services, inform about the current location and assume responsibility to prepare accompanying documents and make customs clearance.



Five advantages of container transportation with the “Tessa”:

  1. Prompt delivery of any cargoes, components, equipment and other goods in containers;
  2. Development of the optimal route, individual approach for each particular challenge ;
  3. Storing containerized goods on a modern warehouse;
  4. Security from the moment of departure to arrival at the destination;
  5. Favorable tariffs for container transportation.


Cooperation with reliable transport company is a guarantee of cargoes’ safety and adherence to delivery dates.

Are you looking for a way to receive goods from China, Asia and the Far East without the hassle and high costs? We are waiting for your calls and orders!

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