TESSA Warehouse – 6 build, Vesennyaya str.

The demand for consignment storage in Vladivostok and other Russian cities is growing every year. Devolving the logistics to the specialized companies allows significantly reduce the cost for maintaining the warehouse, bundling batches and delivering goods to end-users.

The “Tessa” company offers secure storage of any cargo in Vladivostok. Customers benefit from the modern warehouse space with advanced climatic and technical equipment, outdoor area for storing containers and oversized cargo, qualified staff, and fleet of special equipment required.

Why consignment storage can be attractive for enterprises?

  1. No need to acquire own warehouse that prevent customer from renting shortage space, purchasing machinery and equipment hiring staff, paying for security, cleaning, etc.;
  2. Payment is made only for the actual volume occupied on the warehouse, which can be adjusted;
  3. Advanced software allows to handle the applications and to complete orders without fails and “overlays”;
  4. Possibility to outsource all warehousing operations such as acceptance and unloading of cargoes, orders bundling, paperwork, packaging, labeling, shipment to customers and others.

Warehouses in the coastal cities as Vladivostok often serve as distribution centers. Here the containers delivered by sea from other countries are accepted, than cargos are transferred on railway or motor transport. The specialist in ports are able to bundle small batch of goods, draw up customs permits, certificates, accompanying documents for import and other papers.

Why do customers trust safekeeping to “Tessa” company?

  • The convenient warehouses, equipped with heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • The significant areas (storage of 5,000 sq. meters.) includes individual boxes of 70 sq. meters, outdoor secured area of 3000 sq. meters, which can be used as a container yard or storage for boats, construction equipment or oversized cargo and 45-ton crane;
  • Ability accept all-size cargoes;
  • The skilled staff (more than 5 years’ experience in the warehousing business);
  • The advanced software for the inventory accounting;
  • The complex of logistics operations such as loading and unloading, order picking, cross-docking, cargo delivery, insurance, etc.;
  • The modern loading equipment and fast mechanized or manual loading and unloading operations depending on the customers’ requirements;
  • The convenient access for trucks;
  • Own fleet of trucks and machineries available for rent;
  • Custom clearance, certification and insurance services;
  • Affordable price for monthly and daily storage;
  • Individual approach for each customer.

“Tessa” company invites to collaborate enterprises, owners of multiple shop retailing, large hypermarkets, Internet shops and individuals.

For further information, please contact our staff. Entrust logistics to professionals and strengthen your business without being distracted by minor matters!

  • The storage ranges from 16₽ / m3 per day (including VAT)
  • The storage ranges from 350₽ / m3 per month (including VAT)
  • The loading/unloading operations ranges from 90 ₽ per m3

The warehouse’s area available for rent is 1000 square meters (includes individual boxes of 70 sq. meters):

– Outdoor secured area of 3000 m2 (includes container yard or storage for boats, construction equipment and oversized cargo and 45-ton crane with 45-ton crane.);

– Secured territory;

– Insurance of inventories;

– Professional staff with more than 10 years of experience in the warehousing business;

– Accounting and control cargo movements made with means of the specialized software;

– Convenient access for heavy machinery and trucks (“cross – docking” services);

– Fast mechanized or manually loading and unloading operations depending on the customers’ requirements;

– Own fleet of specialized equipment;

– Flexible approach to each customer;

– All-size cargoes are acceptable on warehouse;

– Standard or customized package;

– All kinds of cargo transportation (sea, air freight, truck and rail transport);

– Custom clearance;

– Certification.

Cooperation with our company will keep you away from necessity to maintain your own warehouse, truck fleet and additional staff!

Services and rates:

Container type Empty container Loaded container
20’STD 60 ₽ per day 120 ₽ per day
40’STD 80 ₽ per day 180 ₽ per day
Special machines 300 ₽ per day
Oversized cargos 4000 ₽ per month
Boats than less 24’ 600 ₽ per month
Boats more than 24’ 350 ₽ per day
In stacking area 350 ₽/m3/ day
Service Empty container Loaded container
20’STD Container setting/removal 2000 ₽ per operation 3000 ₽ per operation
40’STD Container setting/removal 3000 ₽ per operation 5000 ₽ per operation
Oversized container (over 20 ton) 7000-10 000 ₽ per operation