Tessa Warehouse – 8a build. Vyselkovaya st.

The storage in the rack and stacking areas ranges from 20 ₽ / m3 / day

The acceptance and issuance of cargoes on warehouse (loading / unloading / handling) range from 120 ₽ per m3

The sorting and bundling (by stock numbers) – 5 ₽ per package

The cost of storing and handling depends on the weight, volume and the storage period.

The demand for warehousing of equipment, accessories and other products is growing every year. The consignment warehousing allows companies and individuals receiving complex logistics services without own storage facilities.

The “Tessa” company offers corporate bodies and individuals custodial services in the modern warehouse in Vladivostok, which has advanced technical equipment, climate control system and knowledgeable staff. Customers also have access to outdoor secured area of 3000 square meters equipped with a 45-ton crane for loading, unloading and storage of bulky items.

The advantages of consignment storage:

  • No need to hold on own warehouse and pay for its rent, security, equipment, heating, etc .;
  • The ability to place all batches of goods: from one box up to several hundred tons. Goods are kept in rack area in optimal climate conditions;
  • The customer pays only for the actual volume occupied. That removes all concerns about warehouse space demurrage. If it’s necessary, customer can extend or reduce the space occupied;
  • The convenient cargoes’ accounting system allows accepting and bundling orders under the tight deadlines;
  • The performance of full range of related services such as unloading, loading, placement in storage, cross-docking, packaging, labeling and other.

Delegating of warehouse operations to specialized companies helps optimize business processes for start-up firms as well as large enterprises. Well-established ogistics system makes bunding and transfering order to end-users possible without increasing time and monye costs. The cost of storing and handling consists of several components: weight, volume, the storage period.

Why do customers trust “Tessa” to keep cargoes?

  • The convenient storage area of 1600 square meters, equipped with heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • Affordable price for storage in the rack / stacking area as well as for loading, unloading and handling services ;
  • The skilled staff (more than 10 years experience in the warehousing business);
  • Modern loading equipment;
  • The ability to receive large batches of commodities; sorting and bundling smaller batches for delivering to end users, forming of consolidated cargoes;
  • The attractive geographical location of warehouse with convenient access for vehicles;
  • The advanced software for the inventory accounting;
  • Own fleet of trucks;
  • The complex of logistics operations such as loading and unloading, order picking, cross-docking, cargo delivery across the Primorsky Region and other regions of Russia, insurance, etc.
  • Custom clearance service

Are you looking for reliable partner for warehousing and delivery? Contact us and obtain the complex of logistic services at best price!

The warehouse’s area is 1,600 square meters:

– Outdoor secured area of 3000 m2 (with 45-ton crane.);

– Secured warehouse (alarm, video monitoring, firefighting);

– Insurance of inventories;

– Heating;

– Air conditioning;

– Supply and exhaust ventilation;

– Professional staff with more than 10 years of experience in the warehousing business;

– Accounting and control cargo movements made with means of the specialized software;

– Convenient access for heavy machinery and trucks (“cross – docking” services);

– Fast mechanized or manually loading and unloading operations depending on the customers’ requirements;

– Own fleet of specialized equipment;

– Flexible approach to each customer;

– All-size cargoes are acceptable on warehouse;

– Standard or customized package;

– All kinds of cargo transportation (sea, air freight, truck and rail transport);

– Custom clearance.

Cooperation with our company will keep you away from necessity to maintain your own warehouse, truck fleet and additional staff!