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“Tessa’s” highly qualified staff has perfectly delivered thousands of cargo in Russia and abroad. Harmonious work of our team allows to transport various types of cargoes timely all over the world.
Shipping with “Tessa” is the prompt and safe delivery of your goods on favorable terms.

The cross border transportation: the process runs like clockwork

A lot of issues, piles of documents and hundreds of phone calls and meetings are the cross board transportation’s routine. Do you want to shift the obligation, but do not know reliable partner to entrust such important issue? Talk with “Tessa’s” customers and make sure that our team does not fail in solving critical problems. High reliability, professionalism, prompt delivery of goods to any country in compliance with international standards are guaranteed. Moreover, we are glad to offer consultations on logistics and custom clearance even if you are not going to employ our services. We offer free consultations for customers cooperating with us in another fields.

Air freight if you need the fastest delivery.


Relationship with all airlines allows “Tessa” to deliver goods with minimal time and costs both on routes within Russia and abroad. We appreciate the time and the reputation of our customers, so we always perform the work at the highest level.

Complex approach

The forwarding company “Tessa” provides a full range of services for the delivery of any cargo by air including mixed, valuable, perishable, bulky cargoes. Do you appreciate efficiency, risk minimizing and reliability? Contact us!

Process control

Need urgently to arrange air freight? Want your cargo to be picked up the airport and accepted upon arrival? We arrange, pick up, and accept. We pick up goods to the airport, inspect the correct loading / unloading process, do paperwork, ensure the safety.

Optimal condition

We offer our customers:

– Professional advice on registration of accompanying documents;
– Insurance;
– Customs clearance of goods transported by air;
– Air freight forwarding.


Air transportation is the fastest and most convenient way to deliver cargo from one city to another one. If the time is important, speed is a priority, therefore the air freight is the best choice. After arrival we arrange promt”to the door” delivery.

Sea freight all over the world

We perform all types’ cargo transportation.


Overcome logistic challenges! “Tessa” company provides you with full range of freight and cargo transportation services.

Oversized cargoes transportation

Do you need to arrange transportation of yachts, construction equipment, and other oversized loads? “Tessa’s” qualified staff will select the best solution matching the price, speed and quality required. Our reliable partners in the CIS countries insure and assist you with transportation, loading, storage, paperwork, transportation in any city in the world

Truck transportation

The success of your business depends on the timely delivery of goods to the customers. So, the efficient road transport is required. “Tessa” assists you with dispatching cargoes by trucks to any region of Russia and CIS countries.

Rail transportation

Large load volume, oversized cargo and cargo cheap transports costs required are often be delivering by the railway. The experienced “Tessa’s” staff quickly and properly arranges railway transportation across Russia, CIS and other foreign countries.

``Door to Door`` delivery services

The «door to door» service is very popular, especially for online stores. The company “Tessa” provides high-quality and fast delivery from the seller’s warehouse to the buyer’s warehouse and draws all accompanying documentation, including customs permission, insurance and certificates.


The logistics operator “Tessa” offers range of additional services as cargo insurance, customs clearance, certification specialized equipment services. Contact us to get: