Oversized cargoes

The “Tessa” company is engaged in transport services of non-standard cargos including heavy and oversized ones. What kind of businesses we are ready to get down?










We deliver almost all types of heavy and oversized cargoes as;

  • special equipment, including construction: drilling rigs, graders, tractors, excavators, pavers, cranes, bulldozers;
  • turbines for power plants;
  • equipment for construction and petrochemical industries;
  • boilers and oversized tanks;
  • power-generating unit for nuclear power plants, autoclaves, potential transformers;
  • oversized machines for manufacturing;
  • complex architectural composition;
  • lengthy beams and tubes, steel, reinforced concrete products.

The “Tessa» company offers complex services of different oversized cargo transportation:

  • knotting and splicing;
  • cargo handling;
  • obtaining permission travel authorities to follow the relevant routes;
  • forwarding services;
  • assistance in customs clearance.


We have great experience in logistics: both domestic and international. Therefore, custom clearance of oversized goods is not a trouble. We cooperate with reliable partners, managing to implement delivery of oversized cargos by almost any method. Multimodal Freight and container transportation by rail and road are available.

We carefully maintain the delivery time. Experienced lawyers provide legal support in obtaining any required approvals.

Tracking and control

Specialized equipment