The “Tessa” company has a great choice of specialized equipment available for renting. We have trucks, dump trucks, cranes, lifting equipment, front loaders, bulldozers, excavators and others in our own park.

A variety of models of modern machineries manages to cope a broad range of customer needs: traffic, construction and repair. The majority of the enterprises prefer to rent necessary equipment then have in the property.

For example, our dump trucks are indispensable for carrying out any work, especially construction ones. They are intended for transporting different bulk materials. Carrying capacity can reach 5-20 tons. Renting rucks is especially beneficial for one-time or seasonal work. Acquisition of own equipment is expensive and simply counterproductive.

Excavator is required for any construction projects. Rented equipment facilitates earth-excavation, grading, roadway maintenance and building activities. It lifts and reallocates pipes, breaks fresh ground, demolishes walls and buildings, etc.

Multi-bucket excavator are designed for large-scale projects, one-bucket machines are useful for small ditches for foundation. Crawler excavators are ideal for operations on the sagging loose soil. Wheeled machines are optimal for use in the city on special road paths.

Choosing special equipment it important to take into account the conditions and the nature of work. Customers can consult with experienced “Tessa’s” staff and find the best possible solution for their business. If necessary, we are able to provide you with fuels and lubricants for rented equipment.

The advantages of rented equipment:

  • no additional costs for its acquisition and subsequent licensing;
  • guarantee of renting vehicles in perfect condition;
  • significant benefit for handling periodic or one-time work;
  • professional consultations;
  • delivery of equipment at place required;
  • competent staff support.
Vehicle type Comment
Semitrailer truck Dropside truck
Semitrailer truck Lowbed
Boom truck Carrying capacity 15/3 tons
Crane truck (min order – 5 hours) Carrying capacity 20 tons
Crane truck (min order – 5 hours) Carrying capacity 25 tons
Crane truck (min order – 5 hours) Carrying capacity 45 tons
Telescopic lifting equipment crawler Height – 4.5m
Movable wheeled lifting platform Height – 4.5m
Elevating work platform truck mounted Length -30 meter
Wheeled excavator CAT-M320 Capacity – 8tons, 0.8 cube meters. Hydraulic breaker



Bulldozer FURUKAWA CD5 3 tons
Bulldozer COMATSU D-65EX-12 18 tons levelling blade
Bulldozer COMATSUD-155AX-5E1 40 tons
Bulldozer COMATSUD-375 A-3 68500 kg
Bulldozer COMATSUD-475 105 tons
Excavator COMATSUPS-138 13500 kg, bucket – 0,6 m3
Excavator HITACHI EX-100-5 10000 kg, bucket – 0,5 m3
Excavator HITACHI EX 200LC 20 tons, bucket – 1 m3
Excavator HITACHI 225 22 tons, bucket – 1 m3
Excavator HITACHI EX 300H 30 tons, bucket – 1,3 m3
Excavator KOBELCO SK430LC 43 tons, bucket – 1,8 m3
Excavator SAMSUNG MX 292LC 32 tons, bucket – 1,3 m3
Excavator KOMATSU PC 650 LC-5 64 tons, bucket – 2,3 m3
HITACHI EX700H 70 tons, bucket – 2,8 m3
HITACHI EX800 H-5 80 tons, bucket – 3.6 m3
Communal truck (for dust) -2 pcs. Isuzu 5 tons
Front loader KOMATSU Bucket 2.2м3
Front loader BOBCAт
Road grader 9 tons
Snowplow truck (sand spreader) MMCFUSO
Rotary snowplow truck
Dump truck 16 m3
Road roller 3 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons

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