Forwarding services

Forwarding services



Each company is interested in smooth delivery of cargos to its destination. The “Tessa” company offers enterpises and individuals a full range of freight forwarding services during transportation by rail, sea, air or road from Vladivostok. The high qualification of our staff, technical support and knowledge of logistic intricacies guarantee safety and timely delivery of your goods, containers and equipment.

What does the service “freight forwarding” from “Tessa” include?”

  • Selection of the necessary transport and special equipment for delivery;
  • Development of optimal route;
  • Registration of transport, customs and accompanying documents for the consignment;
  • Forwarding at all stages of transportation – from acceptance on the customer’s warehouse up to transferring to the representative of the recipient;
  • The ability to track cargo in transit personally, through the Internet.

Due to the competent logistics and development of optimal routes, we ensure the transportation of goods in short terms. That allows you to save considerably on transport services and to reduce terms of delivery from suppliers to consumers.

Why to entrust freight forwarding to “Tessa” company?

  • Promptly and lossless deliver from Vladivostok cargoes of any complexity, including valuable and oversized;
  • Arrange multimodal delivery via all types of transport – road, rail, sea or air;
  • Develop smart supply chain, reducing quantity of reloading points;
  • Assume drawing up complete package of documents;
  • Ensure the safety of the cargo at all stages of shipment;
  • Always inform customers about the location and status of cargo;
  • Offer competitive tariffs for forwarding services;
  • Provide full range of services.


Want to deliver goods without any fuss at affordable price?

Entrust your cargo to us and we will not disappoint you!

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