Looking for the best logistic operator in custody and delivery in Vladivostok? Searching for the partner in Primorye, specializing in serving hypermarkets and online retailers? Order the whole complex of customs and logistics services in one unique place!

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Why do customers choose us?

  1. Quality and awareness. Level of Tessa’s services is always high. Nevertheless, we do not give up development and steadily searching for roads for upgrading and facilitating implementation of latest solutions in logistics, anticipating the customers’ needs.
  2. Transparency. Due to the advanced software embedded in our Company, the customer can anytime check cargo current location.
  3. Immediate response. The key goals of our team is to speed up the execution of client orders (without compromising quality) and simultaneously improve the customer service in the company. Thus, execution of “day-to-day” orders including sorting, packing and delivery has significantly increased customer’s loyalty to online retailers using our services.
  4. Free consultations for the loyal customers. Even if our customer has currently no orders, but need advice concerning logistics and customs clearance, our specialists will gladly help him.
  5. Flexible pricing policy. In conditions of crisis companies tend to minimize expenses. In addition, optimized logistic solution allows reducing the costs for transportation, storage, packing, sorting, and customs clearance of any cargo. Get advice from our experts: 8 800 2345 590.
  6. Geographical coverage and vast network of offices. In order to assist our customers in realizing of any idea, we have established links with the best forwarders in different parts of the world.
  7. Working with non-standard orders. Our technical and software framework, staff qualification and vast network of partners allow taking up the execution of multifarious orders.
  8. Convenient payment method. Payment can be made on the bank account. Both the sender and the recipient can arrange the payments.
  9. Sender notification about the delivery of order to the recipient.
  10. Prompt courier pickup.


“Customer should not be simply satisfied. Customer should be delighted! ”

“To establish fruitful relationships with customers and constantly draw the moral of experience and incoming information is high-priority for us”

“Striving for perfection will allow having long-term customers”


Customer’s concerns are our concerns! We strive to perform our duties in the best way and insulate our customers from about the customs, shipping, storage, timing, loading and packaging concerns.

Enthusiasm, initiative and creativity encourage our staff to tackle the most extraordinary challenges.
Constant self-development in the professional field and Career enhancement training attendance allow our staff to cope with the most complicated orders.

Profit of our company depends on sustainable growth of our customers. Therefore, every employee’s step is aimed on increasing our business customers’ profitability.

High-quality services have already been are appreciated by our regular customers. We strive to implement comprehensive quality assurance systems including qualified employees dedicated to achieving the highest world standards and innovative technology.

Mutual respect and flexibility are the core values of “Tessa” teamwork.
Only people, who respect, appreciate and understand each other are able to achieve common goals. For best results and reducing your time costs, we are ready to execute your orders throughout the whole year, thanks to the flexibility of our staff, who can be substituted by colleagues. Therefore, narrowly focused specialists coming to our team get additional education and acquire the skills to work in any direction of our company. We have no backorders for vacation or “sickness” of someone from the team.

We value our reputation, so any orders are carried out with maximum quality. It can be proving by the fact that since the establishment of “Tessa” company each primary customer has become the regular one.

New ideas are in the air. New opportunities are being opening every day. Therefore, our challenge is to select the best, efficient and modern technologies and implement them in your workflow. We monitor all innovations logistics and warehousing and promptly improve the service.

Confidence in the future and quality for our customers.
Self-sufficiency and confidence in team for employees.
Self-development for the whole company.
Accurately adjusted business process, the availability of funds for development and store margin instill confidence in everyone.


Develop customers’ business by opening wide world logistic, providing new opportunities and determining demand.


Achieving the level of the largest logistics companies’ service and implementation of flexible, adaptable to the ever-changing Russian reality business model including clearance, delivery, storage and handling of any cargoes.


testimonials2Dmitry Antonov


testimonials3 Alexey V. Levykh

The deputy CEO


  • 2015

    The expansion of storage space up to additional 5000 sq. meters. Improving all activities with a focus on servicing online stores and hypermarkets. The process of sorting, packing, shipping and timely delivery all over Russian Federation is significant polished.
  • 2014

    Getting started cooperation with e-commerse and hardware supermarkets, adjusting facilities and software for their needs. Development of parttens controlling work with limited shelf-life commodities as well as with goods require special storage conditions (temperature and humidity conditions, etc.). Creating the conditions for the ``door to door`` delivery of small and huge shipments. Successful implementation of several large projects in this area.
    Archivieng certification enhaced significant expansion of activities. Intensive development of worldwide logistic.
  • 2013

    We expand storage space of up to additional 5000 sq. meters. We enhanced upgrading of facilities and software.
    We also established the own motor-vehicle pool allowing to carry out the delivery of the goods on a trading networks in due time. It’s equipped with new vehicles that meet all international regulations and standards.
    The company provided access to the warehouse by the railroad tracks.
    Special conditions for customers ordering a complex of services were created.
  • 2012

    We formed logistics department, which staff should provide customers with the whole range of services associated with cargo transportation. The department was being targeted on the needs of regular customers, so the work parttenes were being prescribed in detail on the basis of previous experiences.
    In particular we expanded the geografic coverage of transporting consumer goods to Magadan and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ports, Sakhalin Island and to Sakha (Yakutia) Republic Yakutia.
  • 2011

    Customers need in warehouses for all year storage was highlighted. Provision of complex services for cargo handling. was also important
    In this regard, ``Tessa`` company decided to expand the storage space and diverse the range of services. New employees were engeged, the area of the warehouse 3,000 sq. meters was added. Logistics has become more integrated, optimized and efficient.
  • 2010

    The establishment of favourable conditions for consignment storage and conclusion of the agreements with large construction, beauty and marine companies were arranged. Qualitative performance and individual approach for each particular customer have become the key factor for the rapid expansion of our client base.

Компания основана в 2010 году


    Take your business on the higher level with the logistics operator the “Tessa” is simple. Professionalism and teamwork of our employees allow us to find optimal solutions for the storage and delivery challenges. Availability of the necessary facilities, vehicles and software help us to perform the work of any level of complexity in a quick, high quality but inexpensive way. Strong business relationships with a variety of reliable international companies promote acceleration of the goods’ delivery throughout the world.


    Reliability, quality, timeliness, comprehensiveness of services are the most important features logistics operator. The cargo transportation and storage cannot be effective without these components. Due to these features the “Tessa” is considered to be the best partner for small businesses, online stores, and the whole network of hypermarkets and corporations.

    Warehouse services

    The “Tessa” company provides a wide range of warehousing services, starting with the preparatory work (a loading plan, selection of necessary technical equipment layouts of cargo and cranes, etc.), batching, taring, packaging, labeling, barcode scanning, loading, mounting, delivery, unloading, unpacking, assembling and ending with drawing up of all related documents. In Vladivostok, customers can place their cargos on our 3 warehouses with total area of 5000 square meters.