Motor and truck transportation

Vehicles are considered to be the fastest and most convenient transport allowing to deliver cargos with minimal time expenses. Ordering trucks customers have the flexibility to choose any vehicle in dependence on the category of cargo: bulk, liquid, perishable, oversized cargoes and others.

The “Tessa” company is glad to offer a wide range of services for transportation by road from Vladivostok to all regions of Russia and abroad. We are ready to provide motor vehicles to deal with any customers’ challenges. We have at our disposal container trucks, trucks capacity up to 22 tons, flatbed trucks, dump trucks, pipe trucks, tractors, machines with manipulator and other vehicles.









Why could you trust us?

  • A wide range of vehicles for the transportation of various types of cargo;
  • Developing optimal route;
  • Storing goods in modern warehouse terminals;
  • Assistance in preparation of the accompanying documents and custom clearance;
  • Security escort of goods in transit, freight forwarding services;
  • Possibility of loading cargoes in vehicles moving in the same direction;
  • Reasonable prices for services delivery by roads.


We offer cooperation in the field of consignment storage and delivery from the Russian Far East, Primorye, China and other Asian countries. Help to establish the supply chain from Chinese manufacturers. We accept orders for transportation containers to any destination in Russia.


We will develop logistics supply chain products in your city special to your company, find trucks, store and forward your cargoes, draw up necessary documents. Are you looking for a reliable partner for your business? Call us; we know everything about the delivery!


The “Tessa” company provides transportation services for the carriage of goods in any region of Russia:

  • containers: 20 ‘, 40’, 2 * 20-foot (tonnage up to 30 tons – gross weight);
  • general cargo, oversized cargo;
  • metal, metal coils, scrap metal, roll steel, pipes;
  • specialized equipment;
  • less container load and others.


We offer following vehicles:

  • Container trucks (20 ‘, 40’, 2 * 20-foot, carrying capacity 21-30 tons);
  • Platforms trucks (9, 12 ,14 ,16 meters, carrying capacity up to 32 tons);
  • Platforms trucks for pipes transportation (carrying capacity up to 32 tons);
  • Dropside trucks (carrying capacity 21-30 tons);
  • Low-boy trailers (carrying capacity 35-100 tons);
  • Pipe-carrying trucks (length up to 18 meters);
  • Tow trucks (carrying capacity up to 18 tons), winch; access ramps;
  • Lorries with back loading (length 14 to 16 m). Inner capacity ranges from 86m3 to 120 m3. Carrying capacity is up to 28 tons. Temperature conditions are from minus 20 to plus 10.
  • Trucks with tilt semitrailer (length 12-14 meters). Inner capacity ranges from 86m3 to 120 m3. Carrying capacity is from 20-22 tons.
  • Boom trucks (with manipulator). Carrying capacity ranges from 3 up to 15 tons. The crane boom is 3-7.5 meters; boom length is up to 20 meters. The winch, gangway for light machinery);
  • Dump truck s6*6 (carrying capacity 8-15 tons);
  • Buses, microbuses 4WD, crew bus.


Trucks are insured and accredited in the ports of Vladivostok (The Commercial port of Vladivostok and The Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port).

Transportation costs depend on several factors such as type of cargo and container, tonnage, distance, volume, place of loading, etc.

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