Specialized complex of services for online stores and hypermarkets

Specialized complex of services for online stores and hypermarkets

The company “Tessa” is pleased to offer customers new to the Far East market specialized complex of services for online stores and hypermarkets. What are the advantages of this service?

Universal logic circuit

The complex approach to each order reduces time, money and human resources costs of online stores and hypermarkets. We are able: to deliver cargo by air, railway, automobile and sea transport from any country in the world to own warehouse, to issue all certificates, customs, transmittal and related documents. We also make loading and unloading operations at all stages of transportation, labeling, packaging, bottling, arrange monitoring of expiry dates, and deliver required amount of materials to the customer’s door.

Set up batches by items

Online retailers face up with situation when the end customer require delivering small batches or ever one piece to his door. We developed the optimal scheme of working with such orders. Our staff can carry out sorting, packaging, labeling and delivery from the warehouse to the customer’s door. Moreover, transported cargoes can be bulky and oversized as well as very tiny.


Storage condition

The warehouses are equipped with hardware for acceptance and storage different good required special storage condition such as temperature control, ventilation, cooling facilities, extinguishing systems, and video surveillance, cranes and lifts.

Facilities for all works

Whatever the weight, volume and condition your cargoes have, specialists of “Tessa” select the necessary facilities: vans, trucks, cranes, excavators and others. We perform our orders accurately, efficiently, in accordance with current regulations.

Monitoring shelf life of goods during storage

We use the most complete and automated system of monitoring shelf life. This method is time-consuming, but brings the best result. Implementation of this system and experienced staff eliminate possibility to have past due goods on stock.

«Door to door» service»

This service implies a complex delivery from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the customer’s door (warehouse, shop, apartment, office). It relieves our customers of responsibilities to issue certificates and permits, to develop logistics schemes and overcome many challenges arising on the way from producer to consumer.

Using the Barcode Scanner

Errors in motitiring of shelf life are excluded as early as goods accepted on the warehouse thanks to optimized method of scanning information and labeling as well as using the barcoding technology.

«Day to day» orders

If you need to perform some work urgently on the day of the order, we are ready to organize the working process to meet your deadlines.


Attentive monitoring

The staff is trained to work with goods having expiration date. Therefore, warehouse staff are always attentive and keep all processes under the control. The automated control systems and extensive experience of employees can significantly reduce the time required to perform the operations and improve the quality.

Inventory accounting of non-demanded goods

If we explore that some products have not been demanded for a long time and should be urgently encashed, we notify the contact person in the client company. For example, the customer will be able to take the necessary steps for distribution (advertising action, sales, promotions, etc…)


Express delivery of cargo in Russia

Customers always expect that their orders will be executed “immediately” and goods delivered safely. The speed of delivery, targeting and accuracy have a great importance. The “Tessa” company ensures the delivery of cargo to the recipient safely by the air or railway. We can arrange multimodal transportation.


Cargos’ tracking

The customer might track down exact location of cargo any time. If you want to cancel the operation, redirect the load, make a return, and so on, you can do it online via web site.



Our experts are always forward to answer all your questions about storage, cargo transportation customs clearance and other services. We also assist in the certification and cargo insurance. Our partners in the CIS and foreign countries will also be pleased to help you in implementing new projects.

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