Air Freight

Air Freight

The “Tessa” company works many year on the airfreight market and implements complex logistics projects, delivering a variety of cargoes by air. Therefore, we have gained invaluable experience. We carefully reconcile and offer customers the most optimal routes of delivery, guarantee their safety. It is also possible to take advantage of our additional services:


  • Insurance,
  • custom clearance,
  • consignment storage,


Advantages of air freight

The main advantage of the air transport is capability to promptly overcome long distances. Nowadays cargoes can be delivered almost anywhere in the planet in spite of absence of highways or rails in remote areas. In such cases, only air transportation can we chosen.

Air transportation is the fastest shipping method. When your cargoes need to be moved quickly, air freight is the best solution compared to sea freight or road transport requiring some days’ layout.

High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage are the key feature of air transport

Shipping by air offers the advantage of a high level of security, as the airport safety controls over cargo are tightly managed. Moreover aircraft hold are equipped with special tie-downs, all cargoes are carefully packed. These measurers reduce the cargo exposure to theft and damage.

What cargoes can be transported from Vladivostok in the air?

Almost all cargoes: from quite familiar to totally unconventional. Our company is able to carry the following product categories:

  • row materials for pharmaceuticals industry;
  • almost all devices, for example for construction and repair, laboratory research, medicine and so on;
  • goods intended for hospitals and pharmacies;
  • fragile things;
  • all sorts of spare parts;
  • precision instruments;
  • electrical and lighting equipment;
  • special equipment;
  • products that require special conditions during transportation (eg, temperature and humidity regimes);
  • any other products.

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