TESSA Warehouse

8a build. Vyselkovaya st.

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TESSA Warehouse

#3 warehouse, 5 build, 4-ya Prigorodnaya str.

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TESSA Warehouse

6 build, Vesennyaya str.

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Modern warehouses

The Tessa” is №1 logistics operator in Vladivostok in consignment storage and delivery of various goods. We offer:

– 10000 square meters of equipped indoor and heated warehouses;

– Open areas for storage of bulky goods and machinery;

– Own fleet of loading equipment.

Many customers have already experienced “Tessa’s” warehouses as distribution centers.

The important advantage of the company is the complex of services we provide (loading, unloading, kitting, packaging, safekeeping, “door to door” delivery and others.)


In addition to storage services, logistics company “Tessa” provides a number of additional, but no less important services such as cargo consolidation, customs clearance, and others. For example, our staff can assist in obtaining the cargo coverage; arrange insurance against third party liability.

Professional distribution

Distribution is the final stage of the logistics process. Therefore, it can be trusted only professionals with extensive experience. We employed highly qualified staff for the carrying out of various projects regarding to safekeeping, packaging, delivery of any cargo and goods: from pens to building materials.


If the customers requires delivery of oversized cargo, small consignments or parcel, the staff of “Tessa” takes up the work. We choose optimal route of delivery by air, road, rail, shipping from China and Russia. Moreover, the “door to door” delivery with the performance of all the intermediate stages is the most highly appreciated by the company’s customers service.

Consignment storage on “Tessa’s” warehouses in Vladivostok includes:

– Fast and accurate transportation from the customer’s location to our warehouse;
– Loading and unloading services;
– Sorting, kitting, taring, packaging services;
– Handling via terminals for data collection and barcode scanners;
– Allocating goods in warehouse in compliance with the conditions of their storage;
– Making up goods in accordance with customer demand;
– Loading and dispatch of orders to end consumers.

Place the order

Do you want to order warehousing services in Vladivostok? Our storage spaces are willing to accept any amount.
Call: 8 800 2345 590
Or fill out a service request form here.
Sign a contract with the logistics company “Tessa” and trust your cargo professionals.

Safety 100%
Time-saving 80%
Cost-saving 70%
Informativity 65%


Logistics Operator “Tessa” offers a range of additional services such as cargo insurance, customs services, certification of goods. You can always order:

Automatic identification through bar-coding

The error-free operations on all stages depend on the input method of data to accounting system. When accepting the goods on the warehouse of the “Tessa” company the staff handles all cargo using bar code scanners. Then the additional marking of goods is carried out, allowing to perform a lot of operations in automatically. This process eliminates the possibility of future errors.

Due to the barcode scanners and additional software for the warehouse, the staff is able to track goods at every stage of the process. Scanners can read out a lot of characteristics of the goods and have many advantages:

  1. Quick and easy control of goods’ movements on all stages of supply chain.
  2. Easy access to data on the goods’ producers, sender, receiver, mediator to meet your future needs.
  3. Ability to group goods according to certain parameters (such as size, shelf life, storage conditions, etc.).
  4. E-document management.
  5. Simple and automatic accounting of goods, their movements and drawing from the stocks.
  6. Enhancing the processes of sorting, kitting, packaging, and others.
  7. Aggregating of the reliable and verifiable data on material flows.
  8. Increasing efficiency of logistics services and quality control.
  9. Facilitating data accumulation for marketing analysis.
  10. Reducing the cost of information processing at 10% (in comparison with paperwork and manual accounting).

Thus, cooperation with “Tessa” in storage and shipping allows customers significantly increase the speed, efficiency, accuracy of data accumulation.